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Brian Reynolds has a long history in Baltimore area game companies, from the beginnings in MicroProse, to Firaxis to co-founder of Big Huge games. These days he’s Chief Designer at Zynga. He’ll be talking at the Baltimore IGDA meeting tomorrow (Thursday, 2/25) at 7pm at the Greystone Grill in Hunt Valley. Check it out.

Well, my intention to have an update of favorites every day clearly didn’t last past the first day. So, of two more days of the ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, here’s what stood out to me…

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My first app is available in the app store! ClimberMan is for sale- internationally– for 99 cents. Buy 1,000 copies please! ; )

Here are the papers I liked best at the first day of this year’s ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games.

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Civilization V

Some of you may know that I’m on sabbatical this year at Firaxis games. The game I’ve been primarily helping develop was just announced today: the next chapter in the Civilization series, Civilization V. I’ll be presenting a paper on LEAN Mapping, a new bump antialiasing method from my work at Firaxis on Sunday at the I3D conference.

– Marc Olano

The page for the imaginary person “UMBC GAIM” is up — friend us!

Thanks to everyone involved, we had another great year with the Global Game Jam! Not every game was totally done, but it is absolutely amazing what these great participants managed to accomplish in 48 hours, all expressing the theme “Deception” and one of the three constraints, “Rain”, “Plain” or “Spain”.
Read about the games…

And I am online via my blog-enabled smartphone.

Note for next year: burritos and not wraps.

I’m the Visual Arts prof involved in GAIM at UMBC.

I hope to be posting a lot. I teach 4 game-related classes, including History of Games (Art 380), and team-based game development.

I have a huge backlog of UMBC student-generated Flash games, and I bet we’ll have 10 more games to look at by March.

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