Thanks to everyone involved, we had another great year with the Global Game Jam! Not every game was totally done, but it is absolutely amazing what these great participants managed to accomplish in 48 hours, all expressing the theme “Deception” and one of the three constraints, “Rain”, “Plain” or “Spain”.

screen shotCloudy with a chance of PAIN, winner of the people’s choice and Microsoft awards. You are a cloud, trying to prevent destruction of the environment.

By Matthew Song, Arthur Gould, Joel Bowers, Lesa Wilcox, Jonathan Merkle, and Alex Sperr


BAFaFZ, winner of the judges award. You are a bunny, happily collecting flowers with your fellow bunnies until night falls and they all turn to ZOMBIES. If you can stay alive, you can trade flower credits for health or better weaponry for the next nightfall.

By Craig Weiss, John Stelben, Nick Ducq, and Ryan King

(Game Maker)

Screen shotWaterworks, a puzzle game with the most extra accomplishments. Guide water to the exit by turning guides on and off with a MIDI keyboard hacked to look like a USB keyboard. Runs on any web browser using only the original EGA colors and image size.

By Garrett Henderson-Tjarks, Charles Lohr, Jonathan Moriarty, and Colin Taylor


screen shotDuplicity, in which fly your space ship over a vast plain. Your ship can assume the colors of either the white or black team in your attempt to be the last ship alive.

By Brett Doerle, Brian Whitman, Jeremy Sera and Nathan Heazlett


screen shotLos Peng├╝inos, in which your hero penguin braves the rain to collect the items he’ll need to get by. Single player mode for a planned competitive/cooperative game.

Juan Carlos Rivera, Derek Ragos, Frank Alger, Justin Wall, and Thomas John Lloyd Kastner


screen shotOverRun, where the fertilizer and acid rain have combined to turn the vegetables into mutants after your interpid bunny. Also, evidence that shooting bunnies somehow just say “deception” to more than your average number of game developers.

By Jenny Son, Joel Bowers, John Perry, Matthew Kalkbrenner, Alex Sperr, and Alex Ehrensberger


Scat or Die, where your gazelle must attempt to leave a trail to lead the predatory lion astray.

By Shaun Reynolds, Benjamin Harris, Gabriel Cember, Elizabeth Baumel, Jeremy Collins, Denise Rockwell, and Vincent Wong