They’re throwing t-shirts around like confettii. I’m going to be mowing in style for 15 years. I’ve got pens, lanyards, hand sanitizer, bonky balloon things, styrofoam airplanes, a zillion chances to win an iThingie (declined). Kit-kat? Yes thanks.

And the Queen of all Schwag For the Rest of the History of the World: Google gave me a FRAKKIN DROID. A honest-to-Pete Smartphone. WITH FREE ACTIVATION. I haven’t read the fine print, but the rumor is that it’s a 1-YEAR PLAN. I had heard about it, and was pretty sure it was one of those “YOU MAY HAVE WON A TRILLION DOLLARS oh, sorry,” but no, bang, Droid, in my hand there you go next please.

Wonder if MD will let me keep it– I am employed by the state, after all. That would be disappointing.

So, is this a sign of economic resurgence, industry implosive doom, industry explosive mayhem, or just trying to keep up with Google. I haven’t seen anything like this since SIGGRAPH ’95. SIGGRAPH 2004, I scored a postcard, but I had to give a blood sample.

I’m thinking explosive mayhem. iPad, Windows 7 Mobile, Sony is offering dev kits to everyone.