GoeMelee at “Come Out and Play” in Brooklyn

The IRC fellows class that I am teaching has been collaborating with me on “GeoMelee,” a real-time strategy game that uses iPhone GPS to let you play in the real world.

COaP has accepted our game; we’ll be running a few sessions June 4th or 5th up in Brooklyn.

All game pieces have a latitude and longitude; you see them by running the game on your iPhone and looking at a map of your location.

credits page

Ericson Crystal Field

game screenshot

Other than that, it’s a simplified version of StarCraft: there are “crystals” on the map. You build “extractors” to harvest them, which allows you to build more things. To build in a location, you have to stand there with your phone. There is fighting.

The map editor is online at http://userpages.umbc.edu/~brt1/app/map/.

The rest will be on the app store as soon as humanly possible.