Exciting additions to GGJ 2020 at UMBC

Two exciting announcements for UMBC Global Game Jam 2020 site.

First, Oxide Games is sponsoring the UMBC site this year. This should help us to make the GGJ experience all the more awesome for our participants. Thanks Oxide!

Second, Unity software engineer (and UMBC alum) Elizabeth Baumel will be leading a training on Unity’s new Data Oriented Tech Stack! This is open to any UMBC GGJ site participants, and will start at 10am on the first day of the Global Game Jam (aka January 31st). It’ll be hands-on, so install Unity version 2019.3 and download version 0.5.0 of the Entities package before you come so you’ll be ready to jump in!

To find the Entities package, open Window > Package Manager, then choose “All Packages” and under Advanced, choose “Show preview packages”. This is next-generation Unity stuff, so it’s not part of the regular release yet.